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Kenwood NX-1200

Replacing the now incredibly successful but discontinued TK-D240, the all-new Kenwood NX-1200 is as standard an analog model with the option of either DMR or NEXEDGE operation via a paid upgrade. There are two models available, the basic model with no screen, or the advanced model with screen and standard keypad.

Model Information

There are 6 Kenwood NX-1200 models available. You can select a digitally activated model, or analog only model. The analog only model can be upgraded to digital at a later date.

Order Code Band Frequency Channels Display Technology
NX-1200AVK VHF 136-174MHz 64 CH None Analog
NX-1200AVK2 260 CH LCD & Standard Keypad
NX-1200NVK 64 CH None NXDN/Analog
NX-1200NVK2 260 CH LCD & Standard Keypad
NX-1200DVK 64 CH None DMR/Analog
NX-1200DVK2 260 CH LCD & Standard Keypad

Note: The BOLD letter means: A=Analog Only (Digital Capable via Paid Software Upgrade), N=NEXEDGE activated, D=DMR Activated.


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